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Joining CAG

CAG is a group of specialist anaesthetists formed in 1972. Originally the members shared a particular interest in anaesthesia for obstetrics and gynaecology. At present, our members provide anaesthetic services for many specialities including general surgery, IVF, obstetrics, gynaecology, ophthalmology, neurosurgery together with other disciplines.

Bookings service

The CAG office communicates with medical specialists and their practices as well as hospitals to organise your schedule. The secretarial staff will ensure that lists are received, forwarded at least a day in advance and changes notified. Communication is via internet, email, SMS and/or fax (as per your preference) on a day-to-day basis to advise you of updates and opportunities in your schedule. CAG runs an electronic booking service, and all permanent and ad hoc bookings are entered into your own calendar. The office will provide you with remote access login.


CAG has a prompt expert billing service. A billing template can be modified to suit your needs. You will need to provide patient and procedure details (as detailed on patient ID labels). The office will manage missing details, account enquiries from patients and mechanisms for patient account deposits. Cards may be sent electronically using PaperAct. There is a follow-up procedure for outstanding accounts and debt collection. The billing service submits accounts via electronic means when available to enhance speed of payments. BPay is also available to assist your cashflow. CAG will arrange payment of accounts into your bank account of choice.


  • Identification and collegiality with long-standing, well-recognised obstetrics and gynaecology group
  • After hours and holiday cover
  • Ad hoc work which may be developed into regular lists
  • Informed financial consent service
  • Business cards for the group
  • Individual business cards may be ordered
  • Patient brochures and informed consent can also be prepared for individual members
  • Professional meetings attracting CPD points
  • Facility at the rooms for patient consultations
  • CAG anaesthetists participate in a rotating Melbourne IVF roster 1-2 days per month. You may be allocated a list in accord with your availability if you wish

CAG will provide you with the following reports

Each month
Billings, receipts and debtors.
Each Quarter
Daily banking report and quarterly payments. Fees & other amounts paid to CAG (for BAS).
Financial report and information for tax.

What you need to supply/complete

Doctor profile
Name, qualifications, hospitals you attend, areas of interest.
Business details
Provider no., ABN (if applicable), hospital accreditation, provider for gap cover, medical indemnity provider, anaesthetist billing particulars.
Banking details
BSB, account number, direct debit request, merchant application form.
Preferred contact details
General contact and bookings contact preferences.
Desired specialties, hospitals, surgeons, patient demographics, current lists. Any exclusions.

We will provide you

  • A list of Central Anaesthetic Group members and phone numbers
  • Instructions for external access to the CAG calendar
  • Shareholder forms and documents

Enquiries: (03) 9416 3963

Bookings: (03) 9416 1584

31 Derby Street
(03) 9416 3963   Enquiries / Accounts
(03) 9416 1584   Bookings
(03) 9923 2742