This website gives patients access to information about CAG services, necessary preoperative information to prepare for their anaesthetic and anaesthetist fee information.

Melbourne Anaesthetist Group

Our team of specialist anaesthetists work to provide comprehensive anaesthetic services to patients undergoing a wide variety of procedures.

Melbourne Anaesthetic Care and Pain Management

Our expertise and skills are dedicated to excellence to ensure that all patients receive the highest standard of anaesthetic care and pain management.

PATIENTS: Do you have an upcoming procedure?

Some of our anaesthetists use the Meditrust online portal to provide anaesthetic fee information and procedure advice. If you have been given a login by your anaesthetist, please enter your username and password details using this link.

Our Anaesthetists

Learn more about the anaesthetist who will be looking after you during your operation.

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Request a booking with one of our specialist anaesthetists.

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For Patients

For Patients

Do you have an upcoming procedure?

To obtain your anaesthetic fee information and procedure advice from your CAG anaesthetist, enter your username and password details provided by your surgeon or anaesthetist on the next page.

If you don't have these details please call MediTrust on 1300 367 540 and they can help you.

For Doctors

For Doctors



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